Selected Works

To Market To Market

On the first day of Greer & Gersch’s big sale week, the management finds itself stuck with no bargain at all. A promising young buyer is found murdered on a sample bed in a modern furniture department. Seriously implicated in the crime is Joe Michaels, a buyer for an adjoining department with a certain personal as well as professional familiarity with the dead man’s affairs. Hot on the tail is the president of the store, who fears only one thing in life: bad publicity.

Through the colorful, cutthroat world of Seventh Avenue, Joe tracks the killer. Buyers and middlemen, models and secretaries, the importance of the best tan in winter and cases of the best Scotch at Christmas -- all the power politics of big business and retailing contribute to the chase. Very much on the scene are three alluring women who aid Gus in his search. A pretty secretary helps Gus eagerly, a lush salesclerk sullenly and a glamorous career woman, evasively.

While the payola and profits rise day by day Joe’s backstage pursuit gathers momentum, reaching a final harrowing climax in the deserted store in the dead of night.